About us

Brand Strategy, Public Relations, Social Media

Brand Affairs is a PR-Agency in Zurich and was founded in 2006, based on the trust of Harley-Davidson and Starbucks. Our key competencies lie in Brand Strategy, Public Relations and Digital/Social Media. We currently have 20 employees/counsellors and support clients in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and, thanks to our global affiliation with Cohn & Wolfe, worldwide. You can contact managing partner Reto Zangerl by phone (+41 (0) 44 254 80 00) or email (reto.zangerl@brandaffairs.ch).


We maintain close partnerships with expert consultancies and businesses. These include:

Oppenheim & Partner (Zurich, CH)
Room Fifty Eight (Cheltenham, UK)
schneiter meier (Zurich, CH)
Smart People Podcast (US)
Sparring Partners (Zurich, CH)
Shadow Digital Media (Petersfield, UK)

Commercial Network


Brand Affairs is member of The British Swiss Chamber of Commerce, participating in open forums, networking and access to key decision makers and influencers from all sectors. It allows us stay at the pulse of business and forms our bridge from continental Europe into the pace of the English speaking world.

Brand Affairs is a member of Switzerland Global Enterprise, enabling business both within Switzerland and abroad.

Global Affiliation

Brand Affairs is a network affiliate of Cohn & Wolfe for Switzerland. The partnership provides international clients looking to establish their brand and business in Switzerland with an easy and efficient way to leverage local talent, relationships and know-how. For Swiss companies looking to take their brands and products international, we offer a Zurich and London based HUB to coordinate global communication activities around the world.



Other Partners

Through its international agency network First PR Alliance, Agency Swyft offers a white glove service to technology-driven companies that want to grow in the United States, and to companies based in the U.S. wanting to grow internationally. Members of First PR Alliance do not pay to become part of the network. They are hand-picked by Swift because they have proven to be highly trustworthy, efficient and imaginative advisers to their clients in their respective home markets.


Invested for the Good

We are actively supporting BPN (Business Professionals Network), a Swiss Charity enabling a brighter future for entrepreneurs in developing countries. BPN has been sponsoring and educating entrepreneurs, monitoring their performance and offering continued education in developing countries since 1999, contribution towards an economically meaningful and sustainable development.

BPN has created more than 17,000 jobs by providing professional support for small businesses in Rwanda, Kyrgyzstan, Nicaragua, Georgia und Mongolia, thereby enabling better lives for the people and their families in their home countries.


Public Relations and Brand Strategy

Our world is undergoing rapid change. Supporting a brand in the field of communication without a clear strategic direction equals navigating a ship without a compass. Though unproblematic during perfect conditions, it bears fatal consequences in a storm. A couple of years ago, Social Media used to be a discipline for experts, whereas today, it is at the core of public relations. In this context, clients expect from consultants increasingly sound answers to all questions and not single solutions.

Maintaining Long-Term Relationships

We focus on long-term partnerships. What started off as an ideal, has turned out to be one of the key components of our success. Effective communications and brand development takes time.

Our almost decade-long, still flourishing partnerships with companies such as Harley-Davidson® Switzerland and Hirslanden are testament to this fact.

Transparency and Fairness as a Prerequisite

In the past decade, clients have continuously developed their own know-how in all areas related to communications. They can therefore evaluate the value of services better than ever and are unwilling to work with inexperienced or inadequately trained consultants. Fees are closely scrutinised, and exaggerated agency overheads are rightly criticised. That is why we charge our services at transparent and fair rates.



Talent, team spirit, and hunger – do you possess the necessary qualities to work at our consultancy?

Work with us

Our mandates in the fields of public relations and brand management require diverse areas of expertise. So, therefore, are the academic backgrounds of our team members: marketing, communications, history, sociology, political science, economics, and business administration are all represented. Our team members then take part in our internal development program, in which we place great emphasis on continuous training and a structured career path.


We strive to strengthen our team with the best talent and with a long-term view. If you are interested in an open exchange, please contact:

Reto Zangerl +41 44 254 80 00