BLACKSOCKS: Brand Development

Draft of a concept for brand development to focus positioning and maintain the brand’s excellent image in the future from 2013 to 2014.



BLACKSOCKS is the first internet service subscription provider for socks. During the 15 years it has been in business, the company has developed from a bold start-up to a solid business organisation which not only attracts customers from Switzerland, but also from all over the world. The product range has been expanded continually, thereby changing the company’s positioning. The task assigned to Brand Affairs was to strengthen the company’s profile, to focus its positioning and to polish and optimise the brand’s image.



Brand Affairs designed a 4-phase concept with the aim of creating a clear positioning from “inside to outside”, thereby simultaneously laying down a basis for all external communication activities.

On the basis of an in-depth analysis, the BLACKSOCKS brand and the competitive environment were made identifiable. The results served as the basis for the planning of the first brand workshop. The brand and value framework derived from this phase subsequently provided the basis for the further development of the brand essence. In the consolidation phase which followed, the content was focused more sharply in face to face discussions, and a comprehensive document was compiled which described the brand essence and which served as a guide or a “beacon” for employees to facilitate the implementation of all internal and external marketing measures.



The development of a business model canvas and the implementation of the suggested measures made it possible to present a “Guiding Direction” for the future, which focuses the BLACKSOCKS profile in the long term, for at least another five years. The brand values were defined, and derived from these an application for the communication strategy was created. These measures help BLACKSOCKS to react to the increasingly competitive online sales platform landscape, and to secure its position as industry forerunner.


‘When we started BLACKSOCKS in 1999 we had a clear vision. But whilst omnipresent in our daily work, we never brought it down on paper. 15 years later it was high time to unpeal the brand core in order to define, differentiate and articualte it properly. Brand Affairs successfully guided us through this process and together we achieved our goal.’

Samy Liechti, Gründer


Project Team