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BPN acquired as a new client


Brand Affairs is now acting as general contractor for BPN, and has been assigned the task of creating a new communication strategy, in addition to implementing the first measure, the establishment of a new website.

The BPN Foundation, based in Bern, has created over 15,000 jobs in developing countries since 1999. Funding for the individual projects is mainly collected by Swiss SMEs and by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (DEZA). Typically, the SMEs act as sponsors for a young entrepreneur for four years. Brand Affairs takes on the task of creating a new communication strategy and implementing the initial measures. The launch of a new website is carried out in collaboration with the Bern advertising agency Fruitcake.

Willi Helbling, CEO of BPN, emphasises the importance of implementing these measures swiftly: "We have set ourselves ambitious goals and would like to be able to support other countries as soon as possible. In order to achieve this, Brand Affairs is the perfect partner, and they are going to support us in the coordination of all measures.”

Markus Kramer, business partner at Brand Affairs, is looking forward to this collaboration: “From both a personal and a commercial point of view, I regard BPN’s approach to sustainable development as being 100% worthy of support. The organisation is run along highly professional lines and has massive potential.” Kramer firmly believes that the new communication strategy will help BPN to persuade more Swiss SMEs to provide sponsorship, and thus be able to establish more projects and create even more jobs.

About BPN

The Business Professionals Network, or BPN for short, promotes jobs for people in developing countries. Since it was founded 17 years ago, BPN has been able to support over 800 young entrepreneurs, thereby creating over 15,000 new jobs. The BPN Funding Programme is based on the four-pillar concept: Coaching, Training, Loans and Network Development. A typical project lasts four years and is financed by means of sponsorship from a Swiss SME. BPN’s activities are currently focussed in Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Ruanda, Nicaragua and Mongolia.

Further Information about BPN: www.bpn.ch

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