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Brand Affairs: new Collaboration with HMD-Global

Brand Affairs is taking on Media Relations for Nokia Phones in Switzerland.

HMD-Global, home of Nokia phones, is poised to establish a strong presence in the Swiss market. Since the beginning of this year, the company already launched four new smartphones.

 HMD-Global is positioning to capture a significant market share on the back of introducing highly contemporary smartphones at affordable prices, combination latest technology, Finish design and high sympathy of the Nokia brand. Brand Affairs is pleased to support HMD Global’s team as well as Autronic AG, the Swiss Distributor for Nokia Phones, in strengthening awareness and presence in the Swiss market.

Markus Kramer, Partner at Brand Affairs, is looking forward to the collaborating with HMD-Global: „Bringing new glory to a cult brand like Nokia is an exciting challenge for us, and we’re most definitely up for it!“ Kramer is confident that Brand Affairs can help HMD-Global to achieve and surpass the past success of the Nokia brand.

About HMD-Global

HMD-Global was founded in 2016 and obtained the exclusive rights for the name Nokia for smartphones, mobiles and tablets. The Headquarter is in Espoo, Finnland.

Media Contact

Brand Affairs AG
Mischa Keller

+41 44 254 80 00

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