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Checklist for Successful Virtual Meetings


  • Create a clean Meeting Environment
    - Remove distractions.
    - Chose a neutral background.
    - If you can, go to a separate room.
  • If you are at Home
    - Tell your family that you are in a meeting.
    - Put a sign up that your kids understand, too.
  • Use a Headset instead of a Mic on a Laptop or PC
    - To guarantee an optimized Audio Quality.
  • Choose the right Tool
    - Zoom, Skype, Google Hangout: select the tool fit for purpose.
  • Account for Download, Install- and Testing Time
    - Test your audio and video settings.
    - Familiarize yourself with key functionality: video, audio, mute, screenshare.
  • Think of Alternatives
    - Provide standard dial-in options via traditional conference call lines
  • For Meetings with more than 4 Participants
    - Assign a moderator.
    - Providers such as Zoom allow participants to “raise a hand”.
  • Focus
    - Share basic rules for virtual meetings in advance.
    - Set and communicate clear goals and send an agenda in advance.



  • Optimize your Bandwidth
    - Ask participants to ONLY activate video during the first and the last two minutes.
  • Start with an Icebreaker
    - Everybody gets to speak at the start, even if it is only a short «hello».
  • Optimize the Time
    - Stick to 45 minutes, build in breaks, don’t go over 90 minutes.
  • One at a Time
    - Optimize participation and decision-making with the “one at a time” rule.
  • Use Online Feedback
    - Use chat functionality. For larger meetings, have someone taking care of moderation.
    - Tip: Apps like Poll Everywhere create the possibility to generate on-demand feedback on specific topics in real-time.


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