compenswiss: Strategic Communication Consulting / Annual Media Conference

Ongoing strategic communication consulting and staging of the annual media conference since September 2014



For about a year now the AHV/IV/EO compensation fund has been presented as part of the “compenswiss” umbrella brand. By means of a collaboration with Brand Affairs, awareness of the brand is to be raised and – as the central feature – the work and success of the fund is to be made accessible to the public. At the same time the compenswiss management and executive committee are to seek a sparring partner who can advise them in all matters regarding communication.



The most important communication event of the year for compenswiss is the annual media conference. In cooperation with its client, Brand Affairs organises the whole conference and provides support before, during and after the event.

  • Before: definition of goals; reappraisal of key messages, presentation, press release, media kit including background information; speaker coaching; location reconnaissance; invitation management; issues management
  • During: technical support
  • After: continuous media monitoring; reassessment; individual assistance for journalists

Parallel to these activities, we provide strategic consulting for compenswiss. For reasons of confidentiality, we are not able to reveal details of these services.




At the annual media conference in February 2015, there were more than two dozen stakeholders in attendance. Media coverage in print and online was excellent; within just two days over 35 review articles were counted, of which over 95% were positive or neutral.

The sub-target of the brand positioning was also achieved; the umbrella brand “compenswiss” was referred to explicitly in over in 70% of the articles.




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