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Content marketing – consulting, concept development & implementation at Brand Affairs

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Good content marketing generates more contacts and boosts sales figures. Not through advertising, but by creating content that really inspires people. Success comes to those who use meaningful content to address their target audience, provide them with support, and create loyalty. This develops trust, which is arguably the most important currency in the 21st century.

As a content marketing agency, we map out the strategies that we will use to sharpen up your brand positioning and ensure greater visibility in the market, thereby gaining the trust of future customers. 

Depending on your objectives, we can either create content marketing campaigns that will have an impact in the short term, quickly generating a lot of reach, new traffic, and more sales – or long-term content marketing strategies, helping you gain trust and build a brand image, set up your own communications channels, establish stable Google rankings, and develop customer loyalty. 

Whichever option you choose, you can rely on our tried-and-tested frameworks and tools, as well as many years of experience in a range of industries. 

When Brand Affairs provides your content marketing strategy, we leave no stone unturned: first, we analyse your starting position and work with you to develop concrete goals, then we orchestrate a set of diverse measures to transform this vision into reality. 

We develop your story as well as a concept for how we will tell it. At the same time, we will help you gain a more precise understanding of your target group and show you how to tailor your communications activities so that they are exactly in line with their needs. As the architect of your content marketing strategy, Brand Affairs will guide you through the jungle of communications channels, tools, and platforms so that your target audience will be addressed in a way that really appeals to them – both online and offline. 

From concept through to implementation, we can provide all the necessary services:

  • Target group definition, development of personas 
  • Content audits, keyword research
  • Content and journey mapping and editorial planning
  • Content design and UX
  • Content creation (advertorials, video tutorials, whitepapers, magazines, etc.)
  • Definition of KPIs, tracking and monitoring
  • Content seeding and promotion (via SEO/SEM, PR, social media marketing, etc.)
  • Lead management

And finally, you will benefit from the resources that we make available to you as a consulting agency: our consultants and advisors have specific expertise in digital marketing and an extensive network of contacts, including experts in the relevant industries, both here in Switzerland and across the world. Our broad-based network allows us to implement your marketing goals using agile techniques, both as a B2C strategy and in B2B content marketing. Taking an outside-in perspective of your business allows us to set priorities and focus clearly on your target values and your brand message.

Content marketing is much more effective for companies than advertising: it has a long-term impact and in all phases of the customer journey, it can be finely tuned and can be used to address a wide variety of different target groups (including B2B) – and it also gives you free-of-charge reach and enhances your reputation, two highly coveted target parameters that would otherwise cost you a lot of money. This makes it all the more astonishing that, to date, only 20 percent of Swiss companies use any kind of content marketing at all (source: Content Marketing Study 2020)!

Investment in content marketing needs to be carefully considered, but it is absolutely essential for a successful company. With the team from Brand Affairs and our tried-and-tested frameworks, you will have expert, sound, and reliable support that will lead your company to long-term and sustainable success.

You can contact our managing partner Reto Zangerl on +41 44 254 8000 or at

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