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WEMF: New readership numbers – we make sure that you are seen and read digitally, as well



A study by WEMF released on Monday once again highlights the importance of online presences for newspapers and magazines. While readership numbers of print editions are stagnating, online editions are growing unabatedly. Persönlich highlights that, since the beginning of the digital revolution, overall media reach has increased by 25%. However, not all media were able to profit from this growth.

From an agency viewpoint, these findings show once again that the structural change in the Swiss media landscape is dynamic, and is increasingly taking place in the digital realm. That’s why we at Brand Affairs make sure that our Swiss media database is up-to-date at all times, tailor-made to the needs of our customers, and ready in nearly real time.

Please find the comment about the winners and losers of the current WEMF survey on persoenlich.com (German only).


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