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Branding & market positioning at Brand Affairs - we position your brand with pinpoint accuracy

Winning new customers with to a clear value proposition

Do you know exactly what it is that makes your brand unique? Today, almost every company faces tough competition, including competitive pressure from companies across the globe. This makes it all the more important that, within your industry, you stand out from the competition. Precise positioning is the foundation of any successful marketing strategy. Conversely, positioning that is inaccurate or no longer up-to-date can lead to a drop in sales and cost you a lot of money. Undefined target groups and blurry values will mean that you are not developing your message in line with market requirements and you will not be talking to the right audiences. But the fact that you would be throwing away genuine opportunities for increased sales and brand desirability might be the least of your worries. 

Nowadays, it is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to find high-quality employees and retain regular customers. This too is often the result of a blurred positioning. 

As a consulting agency, Brand Affairs specialises in positioning and brand development – we know exactly what we are doing! Analysing and precisely focusing a company's fundamental direction is the basis for all subsequent measures and the foundation for every campaign. 

Get in touch with us if you: 

  • want to launch or relaunch your brand
  • want to position or reposition a product
  • need to react to a change in the market
  • are heading towards a change project (acquisition, reorganisation)

The goal of our measures is to find a place at the heart of your target group. Finding this magic spot with pinpoint accuracy is extremely important to your brand strategy. 

The positioning of your brand has to be exactly right – not only to ensure efficient use of your advertising budgets, but also to motivate your employees, to attract new talent and to uphold your reputation with your stakeholders.

We position with methodological precision from the start:

  1. We generate insights from employees, customers and prospects: by means of extensive research, market research, customer and employee surveys, brand image measurements, etc.
  2. We create a competitive analysis of key players and the market you are in.
  3. We conduct an analysis of your direction/future and identify trends and drivers for your brand development.
  4. We extrapolate current developments into the future ("futuring your brand") so we can present your values and target groups more precisely.


The result of our work is a value proposition that makes the relevance of your brand clear: What value proposition are you offering your target group? Thanks to our analyses, you will know exactly what your existing and new customers want and how you can meet their needs. We create a comprehensive brand framework with clearly defined target groups and values, as well as a vision that works for you.

Well thought-through market positioning is an absolute must for a sustainably successful marketing strategy. We are not only able to draw on more than 15 years' experience as a communications agency, but what’s more, our international team of digital natives and marketing experts work closely with specialists, journalists and influencers – we are well positioned to take you to the next level with our excellent national and international networks.

Once your positioning is clear, we move on to the next step: we make your brand promise visible, both internally and externally.

Our Managing Partner Markus Kramer will be happy to help you on +41 44 254 80 00 or at .

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