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If you want to reach your target audience and succeed in getting your topics into the public sphere, it is critical that you focus on a story to tell and find the best channels to do so. 

Successful communications are always designed with a long-term view. They need to have a lasting effect. Even if it sometimes takes a little longer for the positive effects of good PR consulting to become apparent, investing in public relations at an early stage will generate huge returns for your company in the long run. 

Our strategic expertise and longstanding experience working with international partners and companies in Switzerland and across the world represent a huge advantage to you. Thanks to our extensive knowledge of a wide range of industries, we can view and conceptualise your brand efficiently, taking an outside-in perspective: we look at the bigger picture on your behalf and rethink processes in order to accurately identify and communicate your core message.

Make good use of our ongoing support and our highly efficient "communications engine" to get your topics into the wider public sphere, to change or consolidate the image of your brand, to shape opinions or set trends – and of course to remain an attractive employer for your existing and future employees. 

Find below a selection of services that our public relations consultants can offer:

  • Content marketing strategy
  • Campaign and project development
  • Topic and information research
  • Media relations with the press and TV (national and international): press releases, interviews and articles, paid content, media events and press conferences
  • Cultivating contacts among journalists and representatives of the press
  • Influencer marketing, blogger events
  • Content marketing on the internet and in social networks 
  • Issue management and crisis communications
  • Newsletter creation and distribution (internal and external)
  • Monitoring and reporting

The primary goal of our PR consulting is to improve your visibility. At Brand Affairs, we implement these measures using a diverse array of tools and multipliers: both online and offline, depending on which channels we have identified as being crucial to your strategy in our initial analysis.

Trust is the core currency in today's world. With transparency and carefully targeted communications, you will gain the trust of your customers and employees and will also retain it, even in difficult times. And in situations where cautious crisis communications are called for and your reputation is on the line, we can offer you support with our unique Reputation Affairs service.

Reto Zangerl (Managing Partner of our PR agency) can be reached on +41 44 254 80 00 or at .

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The Grunding Purpose Strategy - Ein Buch von Markus Kramer
The Guiding Purpose Strategy
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The Guiding Purpose Strategy is a stimulating deep-dive into the transformational power of Purpose. Looking through the lens of contemporary brand management and taking inspiration from the luxury industry, where strategy and meaning-making have stood the test of time, The Guiding Purpose Strategy provokes fresh thinking, illustrates through case studies and offers a hands-on tool to start your very own path towards finding your inner Why.
The Grunding Purpose Strategy - Ein Buch von Markus Kramer
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Benefits of working with us
One-stop shop: we will be the architects of your communications strategy and implement it using a holistic approach – online and offline via all available channels.
Locally and globally networked: we have an in-person presence in all the regions of Switzerland and across the world.
Expertise and experience: we have been working successfully with a number of world-class brands for more than 15 years.
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