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What does your brand stand for? What are your most important values? Is the purpose of your company sufficiently clear? What is your strategy for attracting new employees (employer branding)? Brand Affairs supports companies and brands in finding their central navigation. We position you precisely where you will find maximum success: in the hearts and minds of your target group. Brand Affairs Managing Partner Markus Kramer is the author of the book "The Guiding Purpose Strategy" and is considered a leading international expert in the field of brand strategy.


Which story characterizes your company? What are your core messages? What content do you use to inspire your target group? We make companies visible by developing their stories and telling them where they generate more relevant contacts. Our work focuses on personal media relations, perfectly orchestrated social media campaigns and content marketing. We accompany our clients from conception to implementation and are represented in all Swiss language regions. Brand Affairs Managing Partner Reto Zangerl has been supporting Swiss SMEs and subsidiaries of international brands in their public relations for 20 years and is considered one of Switzerland's leading PR experts.


How solid is your SEO strategy? Do you occupy the first page on Google for the most important keywords? Is your budget for SEA optimally deployed? How do you achieve maximum visibility and continuously generate new leads on the web?  We harness the potential of algorithms for you and make your brand visible online through search engine optimization and advertising. Brand Affairs Senior Counselor Stefan Seibel has been a certified Google Partner and specialist for SEO & SEA strategies since 2003. He is also a lecturer at the Academy of German Media in the field of online marketing.

Professional concept development and implementation from an all-in-one provider
We position companies with pinpoint accuracy with a focus on the one place where they will achieve the highest rates of success: in the hearts and minds of their target group.
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We make companies visible: by developing their stories and telling them in a compelling way in the right places, where they will generate a greater number of relevant contacts.
We create relevance through stories, define core messages and set priorities. We evaluate the appropriate channels and orchestrate communications activities so efficiently that they are guaranteed to reach the right target group.
Today's approach to media relations (online and offline) allows you to reach your target group in the relevant forms of media and attract more attention and desirability for your brand.
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We develop your marketing strategy for all key social media channels and then work with you to implement the strategy. Through our influencer relations work, we add real momentum to your marketing strategy and turn your business into a "love brand".

We harness the potential of algorithms on your behalf to make your brand visible online through search engine optimisation and paid advertising. Display ads and programmatic ads are just as important in this context as content marketing.
Benefits of working with us
One-stop shop: we will be the architects of your communications strategy and implement it using a holistic approach – online and offline via all available channels.
Locally and globally networked: we have an in-person presence in all the regions of Switzerland and across the world.
Expertise and experience: we have been working successfully with a number of world-class brands for more than 15 years.
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