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Social media marketing - CONCEPTION AND IMPLEMENTATION at Brand Affairs

Our all-round support for your social media presence

No modern communications strategy is complete without social media marketing. Social media platforms represent huge potential for your company, opening up a range of unique marketing opportunities: on these platforms, you meet your target audience as equals, connect with them on an emotional level and gain their trust via direct communications so you can tell your story in a credible way.

Social media not only brings you closer to potential customers. It also allows you to recruit employees, sharpen up your brand image and address the general public, as well as finding B2B contacts and new business partners. Social media platforms are also ideal for testing campaigns and generating customer data. 

Social media marketing has a diverse range of objectives and we coordinate our efforts to pursue these on your behalf, using a carefully designed strategy. We use a range of different tools that will differ from channel to channel.


Only a few Swiss companies use the full diversity of social networks as part of a rigorous communications strategy. This is often because they have neither the expertise in-house to operate the individual platforms nor the human resources to maintain their presence on the various channels.

Brand Affairs is your partner of choice when you need someone with the experience to tap this potential. As a social media agency, we can set the right priorities for you out in the jungle of social networks. You don't have to get involved in all of them, you just need to be active on the right channels – those that are relevant to your business.

Social media marketing means more than having a LinkedIn account and running a few Facebook Ads. At the beginning of each strategy planning session, we analyse the channels that are appropriate for your marketing goals. Each network has its own specific style of communication and posting requirements; they appeal to different audiences and lend themselves to different messages. We create suitable content and use the right advertising tools. We are especially proud of our Influencer Relationship Management: not only do we have access to exclusive databases, but we also devote a lot of time and energy to cultivating relationships with influencers from various different sectors so we can always approach the right multipliers for your campaign. 

The effort is worth it: with a well-targeted social media campaign, you can save on your advertising budget. We will position you exactly at the point where you can turn potential buyers into fans of your brand.

As a social media agency, we take care of these and many other services in the area of social media marketing on your behalf:

  • Community management 
  • Content management
  • LinkedIn campaigns
  • Facebook and Instagram campaigns
  • TikTok campaigns
  • Influencer relations
  • Social ads

Social media marketing allows us to push ahead with your communications strategy, with measurable results. We draw on our experience to convert likes, followers and shares into leads and sales. We can use social media marketing to manage and strengthen the visibility and positioning of your brand, keeping a clear focus on your goals. 

Last but not least, with our Reputation Affairs™ we can ensure that your social media presence is protected from attacks. It is also available as a proactive communications tool in the event of a crisis. 

With Brand Affairs, your social media presence becomes your unique selling point and makes you unmistakable!

You can reach our managing partner Reto Zangerl on +41 44 254 80 00 or at .

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