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The Purpose E-Book by Markus Kramer

"How Purpose can become a transformation driver for your company".

This is the title of Markus Kramer's mini-e-book explaining what purpose is, why it is more important than ever to have a "raison d'être" and how to successfully anchor your purpose in your company. Because: Companies are good at describing WHAT and HOW they do something, but only a few of them are also good at explaining WHY they do what they do. This mini-e-book is a practical guide on the way to your own brand purpose and provides an overview of the following topics:

  • What is Purpose?
  • What is Brand Purpose - and why does it matter?
  • Attention: Disruption!
  • Clarifying Your Future
  • Be Distinct (Don’t become extinct)
  • Your Culture is your Competitive Advantage
  • Linking Purpose and Profit

A short step-by-step guide at the end of the e-book also shows you how you can manage to be purpose-driven and thus steadily promote the growth of your business. It takes you on your own purpose journey - from formulating the company's purpose and strategy to defining the company's internal values and formulating your purpose. The guide is rounded off with tips for implementation and beyond.

Are you interested in learning more and embarking on your own Purpose journey with your company? Then you can find the article here in full length as a PDF download as well as an ePub file for e-readers.

Purpose E-Book Cover EN

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