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The World After Corona

COVID-19 has changed the world as we know it. Communication has to adapt now to a context that has fundamentally changed. Aspects like 'from Home', 'from Here' and 'from the Heart' will play a major role. What will be different for you after Corona?


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THE WORLD AFTER CORONA - What changes and what remains?

A dynamic assessment for businesses, brands and their communication. Download our Thinking Paper here:

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Focus on Tomorrow Today (Virtual 60min Zoom Power-Session as per below)

We will go through our perspective and macro assessment of the coming recovery* and take a special look at trends, scenarios and implications regarding your business. We also prepare and curate tailored content for you.

  • Macro-Perspective and Assessment (Switzerland)
  • Short overview of Key Findings from our Convenience Survey (Sample Size 500) with regards to consumption, attitudes and   sentiment expectations post-Corona still this year
  • 4 hours of specific research focused on your sector - 2 hours of preparation time
  • 1 Power-Session with one of our Managing Partners and one Senior Consultant
  • Identification of key value drivers
  • Possible Implications focused on your brand, positioning and communication
  • Discussion Time
  • Take-Away: Macro-Analysis and your relevant sector as presented during the session

This is pure focus to think forward together, reflect and formulate the important questions of tomorrow today.

Lead-Time: please contact us

Cost: please contact us

If you are interested in one of these sessions for your team, please contact us.



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