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We pinpoint your position
and get your story out there
We pinpoint your position and get your story out there
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Our philosophy is simple
Your story and your values are what make you unique as a company. We help you find this core and thus strike at the heart of your target group. We offer brand strategy, public relations and digital marketing from a single source and help you orchestrate your content perfectly. We combine the expertise of how to create outstanding content with the world of performance marketing and make sure your messages get across.
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Services that will help you to get ahead
Expertise you can trust
Clear positioning and excellent visibility are the basis for the success of any company. We create a holistic communication strategy for you and implement it highly efficiently. The focus is on measures in the areas of public relations, social media and digital marketing. Our clients include Swiss SMEs as well as the subsidiaries of international brands such as Harley-Davidson, Fielmann or Miele.
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About Brand Affairs

Brand Affairs have been offering their services in Zurich and across the whole of Switzerland since 2006. Our team of 20+ consultants advises clients in the DACH region and across the world on brand strategy, public relations, and digital marketing.

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For you on site. In Switzerland and internationally

In addition, we are also happy to serve you nationwide in Lucerne, Bern and Basel

In addition, we are also happy to serve you nationwide in Lucerne, Bern and Basel

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Brand Affairs - Consulting agency for precise positioning & greater visibility

We position your brand with pinpoint accuracy and get people talking about you

Our company philosophy is simple: we help our clients to achieve greater visibility in their relevant target groups. Implementing this simple goal is quite a complex process, however. Nowadays, it is no longer enough to do a good job and then rely on word getting around. Reputation, visibility and the trust of (new) customers have to be earned by companies in a highly competitive market.

Companies have a wide variety of methods and tools at their disposal to help them build their brand identity, differentiate themselves from the competition in their industry, attract new customers and ultimately generate more leads and sales. Many of these require specialist knowledge if they are to be really effective. Social media and traditional media relations activities, public relations and digital marketing all run in parallel and need to be coordinated efficiently. Using this potpourri of measures in a way that is coherent and will achieve your goals requires strategic thinking and expertise in the use of technology, a large network of partners and multipliers in both the online and offline media – and ultimately a good deal of experience.

As a medium-sized company, you simply don't have the resources to develop an overarching communications strategy, (re)build your brand in a holistic way and launch your product across the full range of media channels. That's where we come in – Brand Affairs offers you an all-round service and a network of communications experts who will work efficiently to get you where you want to be.

With the following key areas of expertise, we will lead your company to success, keeping a clear focus on your goals:

One of our core services is what we call "Communication as a Service": on request, a smart and highly committed team becomes part of your company for the duration of a project period or indeed ongoing. Our experience in all aspects of the latest communications techniques, our access to knowledge and to tried-and-tested frameworks, our experience with lean processes and online tools, our network of partners and industry experts – we make all these things available to you so we can implement your measures with a high degree of efficiency.

From the concept through to implementation and subsequent monitoring of all activities, we take on the entire process on your behalf. As the architects of your communications strategy, we will make your brand a success, with a clear focus on your goals. Whether that means new customers, increased sales or a fresh image: we use our expertise to create the right strategies and implement them efficiently and sustainably on your behalf. This not only saves you time and effort, but ultimately also a lot of money and energy – after all, nothing is more annoying than expensive communications activities that end up fizzling out without having had any effect.

Another of our core competencies is the protection of your reputation: once established, we will protect your good name. We also have a special communications crisis department which we call Reputation Affairs.

We are always available for our customers in person and we maintain long-standing, trust-based partnerships with many well-known companies. Our international network as well as our own 20+ consultants are able to communicate fluently in German, English, French and Spanish. We have been operating in Zurich as a consulting agency for brand communications since 2006. With consultants in Lausanne, Lugano, Vienna, Berlin and London, we are able to access resources and experts across the world and we can implement global communications strategies for our clients.

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