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Effective employer branding

In today's labor market, strong employer branding is essential. Not only is the shortage of skilled workers a challenge for many companies but employers are also being asked to be more flexible. The «Employer Branding 2024» study[1] found that the skills shortage caused by demographic change will not be resolved until 2040. In fact, it will increase significantly by 2029. However, this is not the only reason to pay more attention to the attractiveness of the employer brand. Stringent and well-orchestrated communication is essential if competitive advantages and corporate culture are to be communicated credibly both internally and externally.


What is an employer brand?

A clear employer brand reflects not only employee satisfaction but more importantly, the core of the organization's culture. In general, employer branding aims to increase the company's attractiveness as an employer. The ideal employer value proposition (EVP) is defined to achieve this successfully. This communicates the overall strategy, vision, and value proposition both internally and externally. A strong employer brand aims to be positively perceived by potential candidates, current employees, and the general public and strengthens the company's position and visibility in the competitive environment.


The Employer Value Proposition

An ideal EVP is key to positioning the company as an attractive employer. It consists of three elements: Identity, Vision, and Talent. Combining these three elements allows a coordinated and differentiated EVP to be created that credibly represents the company.

The Brand Affairs EVP Matrix

Identity – «What differentiates us?»
A company's identity reflects its purpose, values, and culture - as well as its differentiation from the outside world. Identity informs employees of what they are a part of.

Vision – «Where do we want to go?»
The path to the future is communicated with a clear vision, strategy, positioning, and ambition. This clarifies the goal and the path.

Talent - «Why are we the right choice?»
This is where identity and vision come together. Rational aspects such as salary, flexibility, benefits, etc. form an important foundation that attracts future employees and keeps existing employees proud and satisfied.

Strong employer branding is essential for companies. It is key to attracting and retaining qualified and motivated employees, which in turn strengthens innovation and competitiveness in the long term.


And how do we get there?

The successful integration of a strong employer brand creates a long-term foundation for the company. It reflects the internal values to the outside world and can therefore significantly increase the attractiveness of the company. We have formulated 3 important first steps to ensure successful implementation in your own company:

    1. Clearly define your company's values and culture to create an authentic and engaging employer brand that is communicated both internally and externally.
    2. Invest in the employee experience by providing a positive work environment and attractive career development opportunities to foster employee satisfaction and loyalty.
    3. Use targeted communication channels and social media to actively promote your employer brand and engage in a dialogue with potential candidates that highlights the uniqueness of your company.

Start now to strategically strengthen your employer brand and position yourself as a top employer. Learn more on our employer branding services page or contact us for a no-obligation audit and expert discussion.

[1] ©2024 Great Place To Work® Institute and FHNW Switzerland

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