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Richmond IT Forum in Bad Ragaz on April 28th with Markus Kramer


„CIO – CMO, different planets, same universe“, that’s the name of Markus Kramer’s talk which he’s going to held on the 28th of April in Bad Ragaz at the Richmond IT Forum.

Technology is the disrupting force for marketers. It drives and empowers the consumer; it influences (purchase) behaviour, channels – and budgets. It is therefore no surprise that the ‘technology factor’ within the overall marketing spend has soared over the past decade – with no end in sight.

Whereas marketers were once the creative species within an organisation, they are morphing rapidly into the role of the ‘Chief Joiner of Dots’, driving an increasing agenda of technology related projects. From integrating campaign metrics into CRM and ERP systems to the web based configurators enabling custom manufactured cars.

The CIO thinks process, the CMO thinks brand. But both share ever more technology platforms and infrastructure – and an executive team and a board to report to. Strategic and operational alignment between the two is not a nice to have, but plays a crucial role in driving business forward.

But how do CMOs really tick? This session sheds a light into the mind of your CMO colleague, where their role is heading and it offers practical tips and tricks on how to better align IT and Marketing for shared success.

Please find more information about the Richmond IT Forum here: http://www.richmonditforum.com/


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