Harley-Davidson: Media Relations

Comprehensive Media Office for the Swiss market since July 2006



Harley-Davidson focuses on organic growth by tailoring its messages in relevant ways to its different target groups. The brand continues to generate lasting, positive reputation and attracts a broader set of clients. For the team at Harley-Davison, the process of generating great, continued media coverage and all associated processes should be easy and efficient.



At the strategic level, the enduring brand objectives were first translated into relevant annual and monthly tactical PR activities first. Based on this, an important network of relationships was established with the respective media and their editors.

By pro-actively managing the Harley-Davidson press fleet Swiss media and key opinion leaders can experience both the product benefits as well as the liberating feeling of riding a Harley-Davidson first-hand – whether through local activities or at international press conferences.

A trusted, well-established and close cooperation ensures that Harley-Davidson can always access a talented and motivated team. To measure the press activity, Brand Affairs also assureds direct lines of coordination and reporting between Harley-Davidson’s European headquarters and its Swiss subsidiary.




Harley-Davidson has achieved a strong foothold in the entire Swiss media world and continues to grow in popularity also within new target groups. We are proud to have been working with and for Harley-Davidson achieving market leadership in the category for heavy weight motorcycles.





„Since we opened our Swiss branch 10 years ago we pursue a clear growth strategy that strongly centres around our brand and the customer relevance. Brand Affairs always was and still is our trusted and outstanding partner on this journey.“

Dominique Collet, Marketing Manager Switzerland


Project team